Utility Payments: Utility payments must be received in our office by the end of the day on the due date to avoid the late penalty fee. Landfill fees are now being billed directly on the utility bill. ** Please contact the office if you wish to be enrolled in Electronic Billing!!**
Payments: can be made with telephone or online banking, except Royal Bank (RBC), or at the office with cash, cheque or debit during office hours. You can slide a cheque in an envelope through the doors after hours. If paying by cheque, please put your utility account number on your cheque.
Home Owners & Landlords: If your tenant is paying the water bill, please have them provide the office with self-addressed, stamped envelopes and we will ensure that they get a copy of the utility bill & the newsletter.
Budgeting: For those on a limited income or who like to budget monthly, please consider making payment every month for your utility bill(s). Just divide your average utility bill in half and pay that amount every month.
Copy Services (Prices Vary): Copies, faxes and laminating services
Your Contact Information: If you have changed your mailing address or telephone number(s) since you first moved here, please update the office
Clyde Council: meetings every third Tuesday of each month. Times may vary.
Recycle: your old cell phones. There is a drop box in the office. These Cell phones will be sent to Third