Routine Unsightly Checks for Summer

To All Residents

The Village of Clyde would like to take this time to make all residents aware of the Community Standards Bylaw No. 2016-02 and the Animal Control Bylaw No. 2016-03.

These bylaws cover topics of unsightly premises such as: grass & weeds, trees, bushes & shrubs, accumulation of materials, vehicles etc.

Dog Complaints/Matters such as:
Excessive number of dogs, dogs at large, unlicensed animals, noise, etc.

These bylaws can be found in the Village of Clyde Office and here on on the Village of Clyde website.

Starting May 29, 2017 and every second week after, the Village of Clyde will be commencing routine checks within the Village of Clyde limits.

We will be checking to make sure that properties do not have:
• Over grown grass or weeds
• Noxious Weeds
• Trees, shrubs, and bushes (foliage) in an unsightly condition or dead
• Any foliage interfering with sidewalks, back alleys, or streets
• Accumulation of yard waste, and old house hold goods
• Accumulation of materials that create unpleasant odours, attract pests, and any animal remains, parts of animal
remains or feces
• Excessive number of Animals
• Animals at large
• Any other matters contravening Village of Clyde Bylaws

It is very important for ALL RESIDENTS to keep all garbage in the green garbage carts and not left in garbage bags anywhere on your property. Lids need to be fully closed to ensure pickup. Please do not leave your pets food outside, as this to will attract rodents.

If you notice your neighbour has an abundance of garbage lying around their property, please call the Village of Clyde Office at 780-348-5356.

Thank you for your Co-operation.