Planning & Developing in the Village of Clyde


Are you looking to build and develop on your land in the Village? See below for more information about our development process.

The Village of Clyde Land Use Bylaw carries the information on the development process including the different items that can be developed with specific measurements with different types of developments, and what type of development is aloud in the different zoning areas. Please click the link above for more information. 

Once you have taken a look at the Land Use Bylaw and determined what type of development you would like to do, please fill out the development permit application above. While the development permit is required to proceed with the development process, the application will be assessed by the Development Officer for approval.  Development permit application fees may very. 

If anyone feels as if they will be affected by the decision to approve or deny the development application is welcome to appeal. For more information please contact us at 780-348-5356. 

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