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The Village Of Clyde's History

The Village of Clyde was incorporated as a municipality in 1914. Between 1911 and 1912 nearly 1700 urban lots were sub-divided.Many things have changed in Clyde since George’s store but the most important thing hasn’t. Clyde can still boast of having the biggest and friendliest smiles in North Central Alberta.


Clyde is located 45 minutes north of Edmonton and 40 minutes south of Athabasca and is part of the gateway to northern Alberta's oil patch.

As the early traders in the late 1800’s traveled their way to Lake Athabasca and Athabasca Landing to trade their goods they followed an old Indian trail to guide their way. This trail was known as the Athabasca Landing Trail. As it became more frequently used, stopping places started to develop. These places were built by some enterprising pioneers who knew a good opportunity when they saw one. More importantly to Clyde, one of these early entrepreneurs was Mr. George D. Clyde whose small store grew as did the area. Hence today…the trading area of Clyde.

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