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Proud Of Our Parks And Our Volunteers

This beautiful Memorial Garden was added in 2023.

The garden offers a short walking path, benches and a picnic table perfect for resting, picnicking, and soaking up nature! 

Future plans may include memorializing loved ones with a placard affixed to one of the lovely garden beds.

This lovely cedar gazebo was added to the playground by volunteers in 2011.

Offering comfort and shade on hot days, the gazebo is perfect for having a family picnic while watching your children play at the park!

2010 was a busy year for our fantastic volunteer committee with the installation of multiple play areas for all ages.

The brand new slide set provides a great place for younger children, while the rock wall is perfect for braver little climbers.

Additionally, beginner fitness buffs can create great habits on the six piece gym equipment set.

Finally, our popular skate park provides a great, low traffic, area for beginners to learn and practice while more advanced children can improve and show off their signature moves.

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