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Snow Removal

Village of Clyde Snow Removal Policy:

1. Snow removal on Village roads will take place once we have had an accumulation of more than 5cm-10cm or drifting which creates an unsafe driving environment.

2. Complete snow removal of roadways will be done on a priority basis indicated on a map. Drift clean-up, when we have not had 5cm-10cm of accumulation, will be done as needed on a spot treatment basis.

Road Priority Order:

Priority 1 (Orange) - Main Roads, Sidewalks Adjacent to Municipal Properties, Fire Hall Apron, and Municipal Parking Lots.

Priority 2 (Blue) – Arterial Roads, Residential Streets.

Priority 3 (Green) – Back Lanes and Ag Society Parking Lot.

If you would like more information on Snow Removal, please see our Bylaw.

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