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Planning & Developing in the Village of Clyde

Looking to build and develop on your land in the Village?
See below for more information about our development process.

Are You Building a Deck, Shed, or Fence?

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About Planning & Development:

Planning & Development (P&D) is central to improving and advancing our community. This is done by establishing and administering our land use by-law. P&D aims to use the Land Use Bylaw framework to ensure orderly, economical, beneficial development and to maintain and improve the quality of our quaint village. The scope of Planning & Development includes the following:

Land Use & Sustainability Planning:

The creation and administration of long-term vision for the community, paired with the Land Use Bylaw, which together provide direction and regulations that implement the desired changes.

Development Permits & Subdivision Planning:

This procedure involves processing and issuing decisions on development permit and subdivision applications, all the while making sure to keep to approved plans, the Land Use Bylaw, and other applicable municipal and provincial legislations.

Development Control:

This involves the use of tools such as Development Agreements, inspections and Land Use Bylaw enforcement tactics to ensure development outcomes are achieved.

Special Projects:

Planning & Development special projects are requests for things like aesthetic/beautification work and studies conducted within village limits, such as gravel pit studies...etc.

Additional Services:

There are additional services, outside the scope of P&D, that can be provided for the public for a fee, services like Compliance Reports or Certificates.

Land Use Planning Framework:

There is a level of hierarchy that needs to be followed in all development planning, with provincial authority on top, and municipal authority following (see diagram below). The Village of Clyde derives its authority from the Government of Alberta through provincial legislation and regulations, including the MGA, ALSA and the Subdivision and Development Regulation. These delegate certain authority to municipalities with a flow like the diagram below.


With the combined information and effort of the Province's MGA, ALSA, Land Use Policies and Subdivision & Development Regulations, in addition to the Municipal District (MD)'s statutory plans (***coming soon), the Land Use Bylaw, Policies, and other resources, this framework serves as a guide for planning, development and subdivision within the Village limits of Clyde. The following is a brief breakdown of what each of these categories are, along with direct links to the documents themselves.

Municipal Government Act (MGA) & Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ASLA) (1).png

Should there ever be an instance where a higher-level planning document and a lower-level planning document are inconsistent or conflicting with one another, the higher-level planning document prevails to the extent of the conflict or inconsistency.

MGA - Municipal Government Act:

Document hierarchy is established by the MGA. The MGA requires that there be consistency between higher and lower levels, (i.e. policies and regulations on a level, can be implemented on a level above or below said level). The MGA provides legislative authority for municipal land use planning & decision making.

ALSA - Alberta Land Stewardship Act:

The ALSA Land Use Policies provide broad-based policy directions and principals for land use planning for municipalities, such as our Village, which are affected through Statutory Plans & Bylaws. Statutory Plans provide future direction for the development and use of lands at the edge of our Village's boundaries or within the whole of our Village's municipality (MDP).

Provincial Land Use Policies:

Created in 1996 under the MGA, the Provincial Land Use Policies are meant to guide municipalities in harmonizing provincial and municipal policy initiatives at local land use planning level.

MDP - Municipal Development Plan 

Our first ever MDP will bring the Village into conformity with provincial requirements.

The MDP charts a course for future land use and development, and is an opportunity to compile data to identify opportunities and challenges facing Clyde.

Land Use Bylaw:                

The LUB regulates the use and development of land, based on the policy directions of Statutory Plans. The LUB defines what constitutes development; divides up municipality into land use districts and lists the land uses allowed in each district.

Policies, Standards & Other Documents:

For additional information or specific requirements outside the Statutory Plans & LUB, there are policies, studies, guidelines and other documents that are considered for certain types of development permits and subdivision applications.

Subdivision & Development Regulation:

Subdivision and Development Regulations outline subdivision planning in conjunction with the MGA, applicable Statutory Plans, and the Land Use Bylaw. 


The Subdivision and Development Regulation prescribes the following setback distances:

- 100 meters (m) from gas and oil wells.

- 1.5 kilometers (km) from sour gas wells and facilities.

- 300 meters (m) from the working area of a waste water treatment plant.

- 300 meters (m) from the disposal area of a landfill (operating or non-operating).

- 300 meters (m) from the working area of an operating storage site.

- 450 meters (m) from the working area of an operating landfill.

- 450 meters (m) from the working or disposal area of a non-operating hazardous waste management facility.

- 450 meters (m) from the working or disposal area of an operating hazardous waste management facility.

An applicant for subdivision or development permit is required, by The Subdivision and Development Regulations, to supply information regarding abandoned oil and gas wells on the subject parcel. Should an abandoned well be identified during the application process, Alberta Energy Regulator Directive: 079 - Surface Development in Proximity to Abandoned Wells, dictate a minimum number of setbacks and may require the applicant to contact the licensee of record.

Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP):

Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is a plan prepared collaboratively between two or more municipalities regarding lands of mutual importance (i.e. boundary lines).

Land Use Bylaw

The Village of Clyde Land Use Bylaw carries the information on the development process including the different items that can be developed with specific measurements with different types of developments, and what type of development is allowed in the different zoning areas. Please click the link above for more information. 

Zoning Area Specifications

The Village of Clyde has different zoning areas, please click the zoning area below that applies to your specific development needs.

Development Permit Application

Once you have taken a look at the Land Use Bylaw and determined what type of development you would like to do, please fill out the development permit application above. While the development permit is required to proceed with the development process, the application will be assessed by the Development Officer for approval.  Development permit application fees may very. 

Development Permit Decisions

If anyone feels as if they will be affected by the decision to approve or deny the development application is welcome to appeal. For more information please contact us at 780-348-5356. 

Amending the Land Use Bylaw:

A person may apply to amend the Land Use Bylaw (LUB), in writing, to the Development Officer by completing the Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application Form and submitting an application fee as established by Council.


All applications to amend the Bylaw require the following:

- A certificate of title for the subject property.

- An indication of the applicant's interest in the subject property.

- A statement of the proposed land use change(s).

- Reasons in support of the desired amendment.

- Any supporting drawings subject to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.

All amendments to the LUB shall be made in obedience with the provisions of the MGA and any applicable Statutory Plans. The Municipal District of Peace may, at any time, also initiate an amendment to the LUB.

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