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Bylaws & Complaints

Please be sure to complete your report with as much detail as possible.

Printable Report 

Enforcement Services

The Village of Clyde contracts Community Peace Officer services from

Westlock County to provide enforcement services to the Village.

The goal of these services is to make sure that bylaws are being followed, traffic safety is being maintained and improved, and complaints are being heard

Enforcement Services Manager

Sergeant D. DeVos
Community Peace Officer

Officer T. Whiting

Dial 911 for emergencies.

Tips for Traffic Safety in Winter

  1. Get your vehicle ready for winter in the fall.

    1. change washer liquid from summer to winter​

    2. have your block heater and cord inspected

    3. inspect and replace broken/worn wiper blades

    4. test your battery and coolant.

  2. Install four matching winter tires.

  3. Pack an emergency kit.

    1. include a blanket, toque, scarf, gloves, extra set of clothes with thick socks.​

    2. shovel, sand/gravel for traction, road flares, booster cables.

  4. Learn and practice winter driving techniques before you need them.

  5. Plan your trip, check road and weather conditions at

  6. Remove all snow from your vehicle before each trip.

  7. Give yourself extra travel time in bad weather.

  8. Avoid using cruise control on slippery roads.

  9. Travel with a fully charged cell phone. (bring an extra charger)

  10. SLOW DOWN and WEAR your seatbelt. 

More tips for winter driving.

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